Carte Avantage (VIP program)

  Value Discount Price If paid before March 31st
Jardin $500.00 6% $470.00 $450.00
Boulevard $1,000.00 10% $900.00 $850.00
Émeraude $2,000.00 12.5% $1,750.00 $1,650.00
Métropolitain $3,500.00 14% $3,010.00 $2,850.00

Can be used to pay:

  • Green fees
  • Purchases in the Bistro / Casse-croûte
  • Driving range balls
  • Purchases in the Restaurant aux Quatre Vents
  • Carts

The benefits offered by the "Carte AVANTAGE Golf Métropolitain":

  • Reservations permitted up to 14 days in advance instead of 7 days;
  • Card may be used at all times by someone other than the cardholder.

Additional information:

  • Presentation of card is mandatory for any transaction to your account;
  • Under no condition will the transaction be accepted without it;
  • With every purchase your account will be updated and the balance will show on your receipt;
  • In the event of a theft or loss, a new card will be issued without delay;
  • Report theft or loss of card at once so that immediate cancellation of card can be made to prevent any fraudulent use; until then Club de Golf Métropolitain will not be held responsible for such transactions;
  • Remaining balance on your account at the end of the season will automatically be carried forward  to the next season, no reimbursements will be issued.

Thank you and have a great Golf Season!