Play Ready Golf

  1. Always carry some tees, ball markers and a green repair tool in your pockets
  2. Choose tee markers which best fit your golf handicap (calibre)
  3. If you are sharing a golf cart, you must first drive your partner to his ball and then return to yours.
  4. All players should follow their group member's balls when hitting; in case of any doubt on the whereabouts of the ball, hit a provisional ball.
  5. The shorter hitters can hit first if the golfers in front of you are out of range... go ahead and play!
  6. Limit your ball search time to about one minute otherwise use your provisional ball.
  7. The etiquette on order of play by lower score is replaced by "ready golf".
  8. Take all required clubs with you when necessary (especially around the greens and when electric carts are restricted to cart path only).
  9. Leave your bag, your pull cart or electric cart on the path towards the following tee-off, never in front of the green and mark the score at the following hole.

"Ready Golf" guarantees fun for everyone